The Well-Kept Secret To Mental Balance

With growing concern over the numbers affected by mental health in the UK, there is mounting evidence that a key to physical and mental balance may lie in the gut-brain connection. MNC Member Nathalie Sansonetti from Gut Loving Life shares with us a simple explanation of why this ‘connection’ is incredibly important to your mental … Read more

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Well, this is awkward.

…as I work with you! It’s hard to miss that it is Valentines Day and although receiving gifts and cards from loved ones is lovely, it can be very challenging when there is unwanted attention from a colleague or consultant at work. Brighton MNC member and HR specialist Jessica Freeman guides us on how to … Read more

Top tips for smartphone photography

Modern, digital marketing is image hungry! How do we keep up with this demand? Learn to take excellent photos with your smartphone with these tips from our resident expert, Arundel and Littlehampton MNC Manager, Kate Henwood. Choose one subject Concentrate on one key object in your photo – if you have a busy picture, readers … Read more

5 top tips for entering business awards

Business awards are validation, recognition, a celebration and great PR for your business. If it’s time to put yourself on the award podium, then read MNC co-founder and Director Sara Gueil’s top tips for a WINNING submission. Read the criteria for entering. It sounds obvious but there is no point in wasting your time if … Read more

Why blogging is good for your business

How many times have we heard from business and marketing experts that blogging is a great tool for our business and we all should be doing it? But do we really understand why? In this post, Claire Jones-Hughes from Clarita Digital breaks down the main benefits plus helps us get motivated and organised to get blogging.

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