About MNC

MNC Founders and Directors

Nicky and Sara founders of MNC
Nicky and Sara are the beauty and brains behind The Mumpreneurs Networking Club. They make a unique, driven, ambitious and very tenacious team. They are like an old married couple: they laugh at ridiculous things, ignore each other often, have at least 10 new ideas a day and find each other only mildly irritating.  They have an opposite taste in almost everything but find common ground in mad adventures, hard work, wine and literature.

They lead by example and always think outside the box and are never afraid to work outside their comfort zone. They make an awesome team, that continues to raise the profile of the UK’s Mumpreneurs. In June 2019 Sara and Nicky embarked on their most daring Charity event to date; Wing Walking – yes that’s being strapped to the top of a plane and doing a loop the loop!

Both Nicky and Sara are proud to run a network that provides help with starting up a new business, business advice for growth and put simply, connect business owners to a huge bunch of friendly, business people, that are ready to connect and champion others alongside themselves.

Nicky Chisholm
Director, Statistics, Digital development, Sponsorship. Nicky’s favourite quote is “Be so Awesome they can’t ignore you”

Sara Guiel
Director, Business development, Recruitment & Training, Communications. Sara’s favourite quote “It must be true I read it on Facebook”

  • For Charity they have completed the London Breast Cancer Marathon Moonwalk – it took them just under 8 hrs, nailed the Martletts 1/2 Marathon, ran a sneaky 8k for Domestic Violence and skipped round the Santa Fun run.
  • They have also taken part in a cross country ski marathon in the Arctic Circle, completed a firewalk and most recently abseiled down Arundel Castle!
  • They are NEVER afraid of going the extra mile! They are the very proud owners of the Nuts Challenge Medal  – one freezing cold crazy assault course.
  • They can also do sophisticated (hmmm), silly and glam!