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Here is our official CrowdFunding video - it explains why we are using crowdfunding and what the money will be invested in. By the end of the campaign in Dec 2014 we had raised just under £8000.

We had great fun making our official crowdfunding video above -Below are all the outtakes from the video shoot! (We did this in the house on a hot sunny day during the summer holidays along with 5 children and two dogs!!!)

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I love a good gossip Crowd Funding

At The Mumpreneurs Networking Club we believe you should ... NEVER underestimate the power of a good gossip!
This is our snazzy campaign logo, watch out for it and join us on Twitter!

What is Crowdfunding?
Find out what Crowdfunding is and how it all works.

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How can I get involved?
See what opportunities there are for you to get involved.

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Who's on the crowdfunding team?
A detailed look at who's on the Crowdfunding team.

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