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julie mann

Ruth Anscombe, Shore Accountancy:
"I have had over 20 new clients from MNC".

Mi Elverson True North Vision: "I have worked with nearly everyone in this room and love MNC".

Emma Freestone: "I have had more clients from MNC than any other networking group  and I love attending the meetings".

Gail Jamieson, Gail's Cakes: "Joining MNC was the best thing I did.”

Elaine Wheeler, Confidence Coach: “the meetings are full of buzzing businesswomen and I have had over 30 new clients from MNC”.

Kim Wright, JK Theatre Arts: “ All the members have been incredibly supportive and genuinely interested in your business”.

Sarah Greg, The Clothes Lady: “meetings are friendly, welcoming and relaxed”.

Helen Preece, The Local Bookkeeper: "I have gained a client directly from MNC which has given me a 500% return on my investment on my membership”.

Lucy Ames, Artist: “there is such a diversity of knowledge on offer and so much energy in the group that it is quite unique”.

Charlotte Briggs, Frog Hollow Catering: “I have found more business through MNC than any other networking group that I have belonged to”.

Gail Bannister, Utility Warehouse: "We get most of our business through lovely people that we've met at Mumpreneurs. We've also got involved with trying and buying lots of new things and experiences."

Denise Wills, Photographer: "I have made so many great contacts and have acquired alot of business through this group. I just love meeting the wide diversity of Mumpreneurs".

stuart ritchie
Claire, Polka Dot House: 
"I was not disappointed when I attended my first meeting. The environment is informal and non-pressured and everyone has a good amount of time to introduce themselves and their business". 

Faye, Phase Photographic: "Phase Photographic has just become Brighton and Hove's 2nd most loved business and 2nd most loved photography studio in the whole of the UK!! AMAZING!!! We would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you for all the MNC members (especially the Shoreham gang) for their support, wouldn't have done it without you!".

Helen Raggett, Forever Living: "It has a very friendly and sociable atmosphere and I have been surprised to find so many mums have their own businesses.  It is definitely the best way to promote your business and make new friends".

Sarah Pond, Sarah Pond Coaching: "I've found it a very friendly, relaxed environment.  It's a great place to meet other women running their own businesses and share ideas and support each other".

Helen Reynolds, Image Consultant: "I quite quickly made some great contacts that have helped me to build my business as well as a photographer, a graphic designer and even a fabulous beauty therapist for my “me” time!”

Bisi from Safety Principles Limited: "The ethos of the network is not just about picking up business but about building business relationships, assisting each other where possible with potential leads and perhaps establishing service partners to join and work within your own business".

Sally from Medics-On-The-Move: "I really enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere."

Petrina Wickens from Furry Friends: "I have been to only 3 mumpreneurs meetings but have had 4 lots of work out of it so far. It gives you a very positive feeling that gives you inspiration to make the steps you thought you could not do".

Mear Tosney, Sussex Laser Lipo Clinic: "I think it's a great idea and a nice, informal way to meet women in a similar position and share ideas of how to balance running and building a business with a busy family life."

sophie s

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