Top tips for turning ‘Not Working’ into Networking

Networking only works if you are consistent over a period of time – give yourself at least 6 months and engage both on and offline, it takes time and practice. MNC were very honoured to be special guests of Business Support Helpline’s Twitter Hour chat as part of their October campaign to support Women in … Read more

Women make great crowdfunders

Have you got a burning business idea that needs some help to make it real? Or a side-project that you would love to make your full-time project? Then crowdfunding may just be the support you need to help you take that leap. The recent Rose Review, commissioned by The Treasury exposed the fact that only … Read more

Top time-saving tips for your business admin

A business can’t run without administrative efficiency, that is a universal truth. In this invaluable post, super organised MNC Member, Ashley Price, who offers virtual assistant services, shares his top time-saving tips for your business admin. Plan your day – the night before Before you finish for the day, plan what you are going to … Read more

How to Handle 3 Major Life-Changing Events

MNC Member Clair Zenden helps families to avoid a life of compromises by being happier, healthier and better protected.  In this blog post, she talks about 3 major life-changing events and how to handle them. New Home, New Baby, New Business? Exciting and stressful in equal measure, don’t you think?! But still, these times will … Read more

The Queens Of WingWalking

Mumpreneurs, directors, founders, award winners and now Queens of WingWalking, Nicky and Sara tell us what standing on a plane and flying through the air has taught them. What did we learn from challenging our inner mettle? We cemented the view that leaving your comfort zone takes effort, practice, mental resilience and lots of time … Read more

Why investing in yourself is so powerful

and why you can’t afford not to… Investing in yourself is one of the best returns on investments you will ever get. MNC Member Lou McArragher shares with us why it’s so powerful and what steps you can take to make a start. Whether it’s investing in learning a new skill, developing yourself personally or … Read more

MNC Wing Walk: Why we want to fly through the air at 130mph

With only a few precious days to go, MNC director and co-founder, Nicky Chisholm, tells us why they are doing the Wing Walk to raise money for Sussex charities Kangaroos and Safe in Sussex. It will be a privilege to spend the day with a team of men and women that share a common goal … Read more

How To Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs in Business

Many people fail in business because of their self-limiting beliefs, which culminate into self-doubts and ultimately their ability to be successful. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as everyone is capable of learning the tools of the trade to make their business a success but unless these limiting beliefs can be dispelled or … Read more

Top tips to avoid overwhelm as you build your business

Building a business certainly comes with highs and lows. And while the highs are certainly worth it, we may need a little support to navigate the low points. MNC co-founder and director Sara Guiel shares her essential tips to avoid overwhelm as you build your business. Decide your own timetable Look at your desired hours, … Read more

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