How to be visible in a busy online marketplace

Ros Thompson shares her experience of marketing her business during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers her tips on remaining visible.

How to strengthen your mental health mid-pandemic

The tools to mental resilience exist within you. Harry Mansfield explains how to tap into your superpowers.

Want to know the secret to happiness?

Have you ever wondered what is it that makes us happy? Shahida Rashid knows the secret...

Resilience: Fall down seven times; get up eight

Amanda O’Rourke candidly shares the tragedy that helps her to understand resilience and lends advice for how you can survive even the worst circumstances.

Mission Statement September 2020

Here is how we are addressing future proofing and sustainability for the MNC community

It’s time to reach out for support

As regulations and restrictions continue to change, our businesses need to stand together more than ever. Andrew Murphy advises on the support available through the COVID crisis.

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5 simple tools to tackle anxiety

5 simple tools to tackle anxiety

Pandemic or no pandemic, everyone can experience anxiety. Bec MacCallum offers her tips for turning down the dial on stress and building resilience.


MNC members from across the UK share their inspiring stories.

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