Signposting for Success

Signposting for Success Running your own business can be both rewarding and draining. One of the traits often flagged as a reason for wanting to start their own business by founders is the fact that they are the boss, however this position then comes with the challenge of answering all of the questions that crop … Read more

Don’t just start-up…stay up!

Don’t just start-up…..stay up ! It is very popular to want to be your own boss and start up in business. Working for yourself has many positives, freedom, flexibility; being the boss and doing something you love doing. But running your own business is not right for everyone, you will need family support, be prepared … Read more

One Minute Mistakes – How to Avoid Them

One Minute Mistakes – How to Avoid Them Gavin Meikle is the founder and lead trainer at inter-activ presenting and influencing a communication skills consultancy. Gavin helps individuals and teams master the art of public speaking and influential communications. He is also the author of The Presenter’s Edge, a practical guide to creating and delivering … Read more

2 Simple and Effective Health Tips!

Jess Haslett – Kinesiologist and Shoreham MNC Manager gives us 2 simple everyday health tips. Jess has over 12 years experience treating adults and children using Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique. Working from the Tree of Life Centre in Hove she offers truly holistic, gentle and effective treatments supporting those on their path to wellness … Read more

The term Mumpreneur is like Marmite

Mumpreneur – the word your love to hate! We are in no doubt that we are all entrepreneurs. We’re always disappointed when we hear of any women, business women, and business mums who despise the term ‘mumpreneur’. It has fuelled so much debate and discussion over the years.

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