Why I’m A Positive Cow

Jo FitzGerald is a mum, teacher, children’s author, blogger and parenting advisor, specialising in resilience and wellbeing skills for our under 7’s. I always think that one of the most important traits for our children to have, one of the most effective ways of having a lasting feeling of well-being, is for them to be … Read more

GDPR – are you ready?

Everyone is talking about GDPR! You’ll might get a slew of emails from everyone you’ve ever contacted or have a business or customer relationship with. They’ll be asking for permission to contact , asking you to opt in and there lots of conflicting advice around! MNC is getting GDPR ready. We’ll be conducting a data … Read more

The term Mumpreneur is like Marmite

Mumpreneur – the word your love to hate! We are in no doubt that we are all entrepreneurs. We’re always disappointed when we hear of any women, business women, and business mums who despise the term ‘mumpreneur’. It has fuelled so much debate and discussion over the years.

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