‘Let’s jump off a tower!’

And abseil down 3330ft for Chestnut Tree House Charity!

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MNC Directors Sara Guiel and Nicky Chisholm, have for the last decade been participating in events to support charities close to their hearts.  Every year they encourage their business community to get involved and have taken part in everything from midnight walks, birdman pier jumps, skiing in the Arctic Circle and their most ambitious to date, a wing walk in a 1930’s Bi Plane!

This September, a team of 14 from the MNC community will abseil down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

Nicky Chisholm says ‘you can never underestimate the impact of taking part in a fundraising activity can have on your business. It’s great for raising your profile and has the added advantage of doing something with a genuine feel good factor’.


The most commonly asked question, every time we tell people we’re taking part in another madcap event is ‘why’? Sara Guiel explains that ‘there are many contributing factors,’ the most important benefits for people and their businesses that these dynamic business leaders have learned over the years are summed up for you here.

  1. Small actions – BIG impact.
    We have learned that small actions combined with everyone else’s small actions make a BIG difference. Our team target on Sept 13th is £3000 – which is a manageable average of £250 each.
  2. Inspire our MNC community members.
    We are believers in setting an example.  If we take action and complete something out of the ordinary, maybe our community members will feel inspired to do something outside of their own comfort zone. We all know is where the magic happens and we do love a challenge! We have a Team of 14 and assorted ground crew so we will be able to raise awareness of Chestnut Tree House and maybe inspire people to sign up to other events to support the charity.
  3. Positive boost.
    It is very refreshing to focus on projects outside of your work life. This year especially as The Pandemic has caused much chaos around business! Focusing on something completely different is like ‘chicken soup for your soul’. Never underestimate the positive effect such a thing can have if you are going through difficult times. The training and planning can be good for your physical and mental health. The sense of achievement stays with you long after you have completed your challenge.
  4. Team work and belonging.
    When you sign up to an event you automatically became part of a team, both on the day and online. You are naturally drawn into a community of supporters, a family of helpers, and an army of volunteers. Make no mistake your actions have a ripple effect which go beyond the day of the event. These include the money raised, the people you inspired and the lives your contribution has touched.
  5. Learn about new charities.
    And support the work they do. You play a part in raising awareness and your actions can help influence others into getting involved. Every Charity has been massively hit during Covid -19 and it’s important that we all take some action to help kickstart their 2020 events programme.
  6. Making memories!
    These events are great way to create a shared experience and bond with family, friends and colleagues. You can train together and spend time together, get fitter and stronger along the way. Most importantly you can laugh, cry and celebrate together! And the memories can last a lifetime.
  7. Contribution.
    Do your ‘Thing’.  There is such variety to sign up for.  Continually reduced funding from central government and local authorities, means charities have to be more creative than ever in order to continue to survive. The options of challenging, fun, educational fundraising events is vast! There will be something that will challenge you, tickles your fancy and by taking part you can make a contribution to a cause aligned with your values.

Event Details

MNC Team are Abseiling down The Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth and raising money for Chestnut Tree House Charity.

Sunday 13th September

Times TBC

How can you support the event?

  1. Donations https://www.justgiving.com/teams/MNCAbseil
  2. Comment and share on any posts you see and tag The Mumpreneurs Networking Club

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