MNC Accelerate Programme – Next programme will begin January 28th 2019

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The next 6 months Business Accelerator programme begins January 2019.

 DATES FOR 2019:

Monday 25 February
Monday 25 March
Monday 29 April
Monday 20 May
Monday 24 June

TIMES: 10.00am-1.30pm

VENUE: Shoreham Airport – Shoreham Airport Restaurant Bar
Main Terminal Building, Shoreham Airport, BN43 5FF Shoreham-by-Sea

Early Bird fee £850.00 one off payment. Early Bird Fee finishes January 8th 2019
Flexible payment options are available.

If you are interested please contact Sara Guiel – [email protected]

Business Accelerate programme
The MNC accelerator programme is the new initiative to support Mumpreneurs in the next phase of their business growth. Its primary purpose is to nurture success and is specifically designed for MNC members who are proactively committed to growing their business and want to improve their business management skills.

It’s not training for start-ups, it’s an accelerator programme for those who want to be brave and scale up!

The programme runs over 6 months and facilitates growth by providing:-

  1. Training to build skills and confidence – training sessions will cover the key business areas essential for sustainable growth. Enabling delegates to know what good look likes, instil best practice and to learn practical tools & techniques that change business behaviours and provide forward momentum.
  2. Mentoring for all delegates – this keeps you on track and accountable
  3. Peer to peer learning through a supportive and structured environment with likeminded entrepreneurs at the same stage in business. The programme includes action learning sessions which allow delegates to determine the topics they want to discuss within the group. This enables the sessions to actively tackle the issues most pressing to the group and delegates can share, help and support one another through their own experiences.
  4. Accountability – your peers and facilitator will act like an objective Board of Directors that you are accountable to. You will also have a business buddy within the group who will keep you honest! This is the time to try new & commit to new initiatives, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be supported through them and be expected to feedback your progress.

What are the benefits?

  • Measurable growth
  • Feedback, inspiration, resources, support on tap
  • Improved business management skills
  • Gain fresh perspectives & learn from wealth of peer experience
  • Develop skills to manage change
  • Overcome barriers that are stopping you grow

Who can take part?

You will be out of the launch phase of your business and have enough experience under your belt to have identified areas that you find challenging. You’ll be at a stage where you want to proactively boost your business management skill set and change behaviours that might be holding you back. You have a scalable business and genuine business ambition. You value objective input and welcome constructive critique. The programme is about your business success and it will always be supportive, honest & constructive. It will help solve your business conundrums, lighten the pressure and find ways through barriers, to enable true, measurable business growth. With that in mind, joining is by invitation to establish that you are ready to scale up your business!.

To ensure integrity and common mind set, you’ll need to meet the joining criteria.

  • In business for over 12 months
  • You have total control of your own business & are the decision maker.
  • Are committed to developing and growing a business.
  • Are able to commit to every session across the year.
  • Are able to adhere to the rules of engagement of this programme.
  • Are able to be self reflective, give and take respectful constructive criticism.
  • Can embrace change and be accountable for what you commit to doing.

Underpinning these criteria will be the programme principles which delegates will be expected to adhere and sign up to:

Establish dialogue – Exchange ideas – Confidentiality – Don’t argue – Don’t interrupt – Listen carefully – Be honest

Telephone: 01273 681484
Email: [email protected]

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