The term Mumpreneur is like Marmite

Inspiration from mumpreneurs

What’s in a name? Or how the term mumpreneur divides!

We are in no doubt that we are all entrepreneurs. We’re always disappointed when we hear of any women, business women, and business mums who despise the term ‘mumpreneur’. It has fuelled so much debate and discussion over the years. It officially entered the dictionary in 2011. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as a ‘woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children’. Flexible, family entrepreneurship.

Mumpreneur now common place.
It is now very commonplace in the entrepreneurial world. As our multi award winning organisation demonstrates, having had over 26,000 visits to our meetings and events, many business mums instantly recognise us as a place that supports, inspires and champions their entrepreneurial endeavours. The Mumpreneurs Networking Club has recently been voted ‘Best Support Network’ at The Mum and Work awards. We are an inclusive organisation that provides both the men and the women who are our members a place to connect, grow and establish their businesses. And we’ve many still to reach with support and advice targeted at this typical demographic.

Like Marmite – love term mumpreneur or loathe it?
Of course we realise that the term Mumpreneur is a bit like marmite and you simply can’t please all of the people all of the time. We choose to use the term in the name of our organisation after much late night discussion! And just as Business Zone published an article in 2011 discussing whether the word was a disservice to mums. Start Ups UK in 2017 published a survey stating that women were disproportionately discriminated against when it comes to business investment, so there is still much work to be done in making the entrepreneurial world a less sexist place. We are proud to be provoking debate and discussion around this subject whilst lobbying for change to achieve a more equal status for the nation’s Mumpreneurs.

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