Networking Challenge

Your challenge for the next 12 months

Get networking to improve your business. Below are some essential steps to get you on your way. Let us know when you start and we’ll be behind you all the way! Good luck, and remember the more you put in, the more you’ll get out!

  • Join The Mumpreneurs Networking Club and get involved in our thriving networking community – we have over 100 meetings a year.
  • Prepare you introduction/elevator pitch – two lines – keep it simple to start with, and practise on the cat, your next door neighbour or video yourself.
  • Book all the meeting dates for the next 12 months – Be consistent.
  • Take the time to look good and create a good first impression.
  • Prepare flyers, special offers, business cards.
  • Bring a prop – IPad, brochures, products – wear your jewellery, hats, clothes (always wear clothes!).
  • Get involved in your group – offer to assist running the meeting, help out, support, volunteer – you’ll find your networking feet so much quicker!
  • ALWAYS follow up after the meeting – thank the Manager and connect online with people you have met at a meeting.
  • Download the MNC APP – search for “Mumpreneurs” on your app store.
  • Check in on the MNC App and add each meeting to your phone calendar.
  • Offer 2 skill swaps in return for testimonials.
  • Look out for 1 partnership opportunity – who can you work with?
  • Support other members of the group – attend events and workshops, take photos and post about them online.
  • Read the MNC Networking Hints and Tips on our website.
  • TOP TACTIC – to build your network, help other people with connections, introductions, forward on tips, share knowledge and information.
  • Get involved on our main Facebook page – The Mumpreneurs Networking Club.
  • Follow us on Twitter @mumpreneursclub – Join us for our wednesday night twitter hour 8-9pm #mnchour
  • Sign up for our Newsletter
  • Put some effort in! And if you would love to run your own MNC group click here.