Networking Hints & Tips

Our networking ‘how to’ guide!


  • Not all networking groups are the same. Cost, formality, format, the kinds of people attending all differ so do your research. If you don’t like one style of meeting, try a another network – don’t give up!
  • Networking is a sure fire way to find advice, partnerships, mentors, like minded mumpreneurs, recommendations and support. It’s not just about selling on the day but contacts and connections. You might find that PA to keep you organised, an entertainer for the PTA school fair, or some advice on how to find an investor. Be open to contacts and connections, build your business little black book!
  • BE PREPARED, be prepared, be prepared! Obvious it may be, but failing to prepare is the downfall of many! Two or three sentences about who you are and what you do, and what you are looking for will be more than enough in the minute many groups allow to say your pitch! Round off your spot by repeating your name and business.
  • No-one is expecting an Oscar performance, so take a deep breath, smile and remember, people want to find out about your business, that’s why they are there.
  • Take business cards or flyers to distribute and remember to pick up cards of people you connect with.
  • Always follow up! Follow up through social media or by email or phone. Tell the contact how good it was to meet them and direct them to your special offer, website, or newsletter.
  • Attend regularly. Networking is about business profile and building relationships. You will reap the benefits of these business relationships and being a visible presence through referrals, and the wider circle of your business contacts and connections


  • The key to social networking is the social part. Promotional and scheduled updates are a great way to keep your content fresh, but use them sparingly and spend the bulk of your time getting involved, engaging, connecting and sharing with your contacts.
  • Look out for ‘twitter parties’, Google hangouts, hashtag hours e.g. #Londonhour and other online ‘events’ that are relevant to your brand and location and you’ll soon see a boost in your follower figures.
  • Share others links and posts – from your contacts and connections – they’ll remember this and reciprocate.
  • Become an expert in your field – share useful information and relevant news.
  • It’s better to use 3 networks comprehensively than 6 poorly! Choose the ones you use intuitively and concentrate on those.