Why Network?

5 Reasons you should be doing it!

Build Entrepreneurial Associations
Networking gets you out of the office and you can’t help but make mutually beneficial business friendships. Do you remember being told that you become more like those you surround yourself with? Well, it’s true, so why not surround yourself with other ambitious people who are positive, helpful and knowledgeable and be part of a buzzing community.

It Will Raise Your Business Profile
Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways of advertising. If people know and trust you they are more likely to buy from you, and recommend you, to people they know. Make sure everyone you talk to knows exactly what you do and how well you do it!

It’s a Great Source for Connections
What is your business looking for? Quality suppliers? Professional bookkeeping? A new logo? Mumpreneurs will recommend products and services they have tried or heard about and are happy with, saving you the leg work of trying to find someone trustworthy yourself.

It Helps Your Business
You can learn more efficient ways of doing things or find out how to work smarter using technology. Be inspired by a great network of like-minded mums in business and find better ways of running your business. Discover new ways to attract customers and generate sales. Learn from the mistakes others have already made. Solve problems, achieve your goals and tackle challenges with your new found knowledge and confidence.

It Boosts Your Confidence
Many mumpreneurs lack confidence starting out in business. Selling ourselves and our business to potntial clientele can be nerve-wracking! Networking is a great place to start building confidence for these interactions as you can finesse your business pitch and ease yourself into the networking world with other mumpreneurs.