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Twitter Hour Top Tips

1. Every tweet you write please use the #mnchour

2. Be consistent, join in and engage

3. Here’s how to get the most from the hour.

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How To Get The Most From Twitter Chat Hours

There’s nothing more than we love than joining a Twitter chat hour. They are fabulous for meeting new followers, promoting your business plus sharing tips and experiences with peers. But there is an unspoken etiquette, so here’s our tips for getting the most out of the hour:

Say hello!
This is ‘social’ media, so be social. Start the hour off as you would any gathering by greeting the group and asking how everyone’s week has been or how they are feeling.

Tag the organiser early on.
It’s good manners to greet the organiser or moderator of the chat. Usually local hours e.g. #MNCHour is run by @mumpreneursclub so include the latter in your introduction or greeting tweet.

Use the hashtag #mnchour in every message. The tags allow people to follow the conversation but also some organisers gather tweets at the end using publishing platforms such as Storify.

Introduce yourself. Tell people how your business helps people. Try to keep this to one tweet.

Don’t schedule a message to spam the chat hour. The point of the chat hour is to converse. If you’re using a scheduler, you’re most likely not ‘there’ and it will show. However, it can be useful to schedule an early tweet to remind yourself you were going to join. But make sure it’s the ‘hello everyone, how are you’ style of message.

Follow those who taking part. Try and follow everyone unless they are largely irrelevant to your networking. It’s good manners and forms good connections for future networking with Twitter.

Stick to the format. If the moderator has questions planned, do your best to answer those. Don’t go too far off piste or randomly promote yourself in the middle of the session.

Be patient. Some people take a bit of time to reply, there’s a bit of a delay while reading feeds and monitoring the conversation. Don’t jump in too quickly with questions before people have had a chance to respond.

Try not to be too salesy.
By all means be clear about your business and what you offer but don’t lay it on too thick. One or two tweets promoting yourself then spending time chatting. If the conversation naturally revolves around your expertise then obviously run with it.

Make a list. Create a Twitter list for those who took part or subscribe to the organiser’s list.

Watch your spelling and grammar. The odd typo would be forgiven during a hasty Twitter interchange but try to avoid altogether if you can. It looks unprofessional and most of all, could detract from the meaning of your message.

Prepare a few images or 30 second vids to share.
Multimedia flies on Twitter, so have a few to hand ready for your networking. It increases the impact of your message long after the hour has ended.

Be transparent about Twitter chat clashes. There’s nothing wrong in two-timing your chat hours but perhaps declare at the start, so people know if there’s a delay to a question they’ve directly asked you.

Have fun! As well the opportunity to network, learn something new, crack a few light jokes and be positive. And it should go without saying to be respectful and don’t swear. If you’re not sure about how a message you’re writing will be received, then don’t post.

Do you have any other tips for people taking part in a Twitter chat hour? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

We look forward to tweeting you soon.

It has been amazing to tweet with you all. Thank you for getting involved and sharing your #thoughts and #tips It is so good to see our community come together to support each other. #MNCHour

Don't forget to check out all our #blogs on our website. Some fantastic tips and tricks from fellow MNC members. @Smallbizsatuk #MNCHour

Huge Congratulations to Joanne @joboib

Our #MNCHour Twitter Star tonight! 🌟
Everyone share the💗love with a retweet and a well done! 👋🌟🤗👋💗🌟🌟👋🤗

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