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• The MNC blog is a chance for you to write your very own blog that you and MNC can share with our communities and show you that you can do it! Just think about all that knowledge, experience and practical advice that you have stored in your head!
• The blog is also a chance to plan a series of blogs with themes and timescales – you can also send in one blog.

Click here to download your blog template.  Please forward your image/s in landscape

Please send all blogs to sarag@mumpreneursnetworkingclub.co.uk

In order for guest posts to ‘stand out’ let’s try and be creative with a good story and facts all in place. Our editorial guidelines are as follows:

Target readership

Business Women in the UK: Family business owners that are hardworking, driven, ambitious and are looking for tip, facts and resources that they can implement in their business and/or personal life.

Our readers are fairly cyber-savvy and read a lot of content on-line so we cannot be generic in our posting.

The content should be aimed at both those that attend networking meetings and those that are online members only. Every blog should aim to be polished, business focused and a great resource.

House Style
Here are few guidelines for writing a blog that will truly stand out and raise the awareness we want to achieve. Below is also a template to complete with your copy.

1) Each post contributed should be minimum of 300 and maximum of 500.
2) Blog post title with first letter capitalised on each word.
3) Each blog post should contain a short introduction to your company/ cause along with relevant links in the 3rd person. Guest blogs are better written from the 1st person.
4) A minimum of one photo and one logo will need to be sent along as a separate JPG to go with the post.
5) If you are writing a series of blogs, the first post should introduce you, the idea, the series and what you will talk about.
6) We absolutely welcome video content.
7) Hyperlink your text to follow links in this template. If you are unable to do this, then please paste the link next to the word you want hyper-linked.
8) We will ask for the blog to be edited if we feel it is not quite right.
9) We cannot guarantee that your blog will be posted
10) No selling and make it interesting!

Click here to download your blog template.

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